Terms of Use

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1. "Objective" The Terms of Use outlines the conditions and requirements regarding the use of the unmanned bike rental system ("Seoul Bike") operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Article 2. "Notice of Terms of Use" Designed to assist in the prevention and addressing of any problems with the Seoul Bike service by either the user or the operator, the Terms of Use will be posted on the Seoul Bike website. The user's consent to the Terms of Use is required for membership. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will post any changes to the Terms of Use in the "Notices" section and pop-up windows on the Seoul Bike website.

Article 3 "Other Rules"Matters not defined in the Terms of Use shall be subject to related laws. In cases in which there are no related laws, matters will be settled according to the discretion of the Seoul Bike operator and users.

Article 4. "Terminology"The terminology used in the Terms of Use shall be defined as follows:

1. Member: A person who has agreed to the Terms of Use, completed the membership registration, and has acquired the right to use the Seoul Bike services.

2. Non-member: A person who is not a member but uses the one-day service via a mobile phone.

3. Password: A combination of alphabet letters and numbers decided by an individual to protect their personal information on the Seoul Bike system.

4. Public bicycle: A bicycle placed at a Seoul Bike rental station available for rent by a member.

5. Rental station: An unmanned facility for bike rentals and returns.

6. Docking stand: A semi-automatic, lock-type bike parking facility within the rental station.

7. Smart phone: A personal mobile phone which enables a user to accept information and use a service via an application program.

8. Seoul Bike App: An app which enables a person to register as a Seoul Bike member, pay basic fees, and use services.

9. Use of service: A series of actions wherein a user acquires approval, rents a bicycle at a rental station, and uses and returns the bicycle.

10. Basic fee: Payment for the purchase of a seasonal voucher or one-day voucher.

11. Basic usage hour: Amount of time a user can use the service under the basic fee without paying additional charges.

12. Additional charges: A fee decided by the Seoul Metropolitan Government which the user should pay upon exceeding the basic usage hour.

Chapter 2. Membership Rules

Article 5. Application of Membership

① Any person more than 15 years of age is eligible for the Seoul Bike membership.

② Any person wishing to become a member of Seoul Bike must complete the membership registration process on the Seoul Bike website.

③ The following information must be provided to register for membership:

1. ID/Password

2. Date of birth

3. Gender

4. Residential address (detailed address not necessary)

5. Mobile phone number

6. E-mail address

The information provided above must accurately reflect the user's personal information; provision of fraudulent information is subject to penalty by law.

④ Prospective users ages 15 to 19 cannot apply for Seoul Bike membership without the consent of a parent or guardian.

※ Users between the ages of 15 to 19 are not eligible for one-day services.

Article 6. Deferral and denial of membership

① The Seoul Metropolitan Government may defer or deny membership in any of the following cases:

1. The Seoul Bike services become unavailable due to technical problems; or

2. In case it is necessary for the efficient operation of the Seoul Bike system.

②The Seoul Metropolitan Government may deny membership requests in any of the following cases:

1. A membership registration is completed using another person's name;

2. Fraudulent information is provided for registration;

3. The objective of the rental is not for its intended purpose;

4. The registerer is a minor under the age of 15.

Article 7. "Change of Members' Personal Information"A member may change the following personal information via the Seoul Bike website:

1. Home or mobile phone number;

2. Residential address;

3. E-mail address

Chapter 3. Use of Services

Article 8. "Service usage hours"

①Service usage hours shall be 24 hours a day (00:00-24:00) 365 days a year, provided there are no operational or technical difficulties. Usage may be limited during periods designated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government due to periodic inspections and/or other special circumstances.

②The basic rental time of public bicycles is 60 minutes. No additional charges will be incurred if the bike is returned within 60 minutes of the rental time; usage time over 60 minutes is subject to an additional fee determined by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Article 9. "Service usage fees" ① Using the Seoul Bike services charges a user usage fees determined by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

②In case a user exceeds the basic usage hour, the credit card used to purchase the voucher will be charged with the additional cost.

③In case any facility of the Seoul Bike is damaged, intentionally or unintentionally, by the user while using the bicycle, the user may be charged resulting damage fees. Damage fees will be priced based on general repair costs.

④In case any facility of the Seoul Bike is damaged beyond repair, intentionally or unintentionally, by the user while using the bicycle, the user may be charged the entire repairment costs.

⑤Costs incurred above in ③ and ④ will be collected via the payment method used when purchasing the voucher or the payment method selected by the user for additional charges. Failure to pay incurred costs may result in legal sanctions, including seizure of property and administrative litigation.

⑥The member shall be liable for any penalties and charges arising from the member's own illegal actions while using a public bike.

Article 10. "Suspension and termination of membership"

①A member must contact the Seoul Bike website or customer center to request for suspension or termination of membership.

②The Seoul Metropolitan Government may suspend or terminate a membership without prior notice if a member fails to observe the duties and responsibilities stipulated in Article 14 of the Terms of Use. Grounds for membership suspension/termination include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Sharing the membership service with another person;

2. Intentional interruption of the operation of the Seoul Bike service;

3. Members who have violated the rights of another member or third party; and/or

4. Other cases in which users fail to observe related laws.

Article 11. "Refund of basic fee due to cancellation of membership"

①After joining, a member may request the membership cancellation prior to the membership expiration date.

②Upon request for cancellation of membership, the Seoul Metropolitan Government shall refund the basic fee with a deduction determined by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Costs incurred for refund, including payment commissions, will be charged to the member in case the memebership cancellation is due to personal reasons; if the cancellation is due to defects in the Seoul Bike services, then the costs will be charged to the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

③A refund of the basic fee shall be made within one week after the membership cancellation request. In case the cancellation request is made within two weeks of joining, the refund will be done by cancelling the payment approval. In case the requset is made after two weeks of joining, the refund amount shall be remitted to the member's bank account.

Article 12. "Suspension or limitation of service"

The Seoul Metropolitan Government may suspend the Seoul Bike service in any of the following cases:

1. Service unavailability due to repair and/or maintenance of the Seoul Bike service facilities;

2. Suspension of telecommunications service by a telecommunications business operator defined under the Telecommunications Business Act; or

3. Service unavailability due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a state of national emergency, service facility malfunctions, and/or system shutdown caused by excessive use.

Article 13. "Obligations of the Seoul Metropolitan Government"

①The Seoul Metropolitan Government shall not disclose or distribute personal information provided by the member to a third party without consent. Provided, however, this shall not apply in the case of a request from a national organization pursuant to related laws or a warrant issued by a judge for investigative purposes.

②The Seoul Metropolitan Government shall post any changes or additions to the Seoul Bike service on the Seoul Bike website via pop-up windows, and so forth.

③Personal information provided by users for membership registration shall be deleted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government as the membership is terminated.

Article 14. "Duties and responsibilities of members"

①Members using the Seoul Bike services shall not engage in any of the following:

1. Leasing or transferring of bicycle rental rights to a third party;

2. Return of a bicycle to a place other than a rental station or an area outside the jurisdiction of the Seoul Bike rental station;

3. Boarding the bicycle with another person(s), animals or an item that can cause harm/injury to others;

4. Remodeling, repairing, or modifying the public bicycle for personal use or removing devices attached to public bicycles, or using public bicycles for anything other than their intended purpose;

5. Riding a public bicycle in an area where bicycle rides are prohibited;

6. Using the public bicycle for commercial purposes;

7. Copying or providing any information acquired while using the service to a third party without the consent of the operator, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, for purposes other than the member's use of the service; or

8. Violating the rights of another user(s) of the public bicycle or copyrights of a third party.

②Members must observe the following duties and responsibilities when using the Seoul Bike service:

1. The member must check the gears and overall safety of the public bicycle before riding the bike. In the case in which an operational defect is detected, the member must contact the Operation Center to report the defect and cancel the usage of the relevant bicycle;

2. If a member rents a public bicycle and stops or parks at a place which is not a rental station, the member should be attentive with its theft, using the lock attached to the bicycle when leaving it.

3. Members shall be caraful with the protection of the public bicycle from damage, loss, or theft;

4. Members who are in a state of physical or mental impairment (i.e. such as when the ability to think normally or drive is impacted due to alcohol or drugs, or if the blood alcohol concentration exceeds the legal limit) should not rent public bicycles;

5. Members shall not use public bicycles for purposes other than transport (i.e. racing, mountain climbing, stunts, etc.);

6. Members shall not load excess cargo on public bicycles that can impair the steering or control of the bicycle;

7. Members shall not rent public bicycles in the case of inclement weather (i.e. rain, fog, or strong winds); and

8. Members shall return public bicycles in same condition in which they were rented, with the exception of normal wear and tear (i.e. slight wearing of the tires, etc.).

③In case of any of the following, members must immediately notify the operating company commissioned by the Seoul Metropolitan Government:

1. Damage, loss, or misplacement of the public bicycle during a rental period;

2. Injury of the member or a third party while using the public bicycle; or

3. Loss or theft of a smart phone installed with the Seoul Bike app or the membership card.

④Members shall observe all related laws, Terms of Use, How to Use rules, precautions regarding services, and notices by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

① Members shall not appeal or submit a complaint for any loss or injury resulting from the member's own negligence while using the Seoul Bike service;

①① Members shall not appeal or submit a complaint for any loss or injury resulting from the member's own negligence while using the Seoul Bike service;

②② The Seoul Metropolitan Government and related organizations and companies shall not be held liable for any loss or injury resulting from the negligence of members;

③③ If a member suffers loss or injury due to a service defect while using the Seoul Bike service, evidence of the defect must be provided in order to receive compensation from the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Supplementary Provisions

Article 1. "Enforcement date" The Terms of Use will be in effect as of September 19, 2015.

Article 2. "Interim measures" Procedures under previous terms at time of enforcement shall be regarded as determined under the Terms of Use.