Collection and use of personal information agreement

1. Collected items and collection method of personal information

The Seoul Bike website collects the following information by categorizing them into "necessary information" for the provision of basic member services and "optional information" for customized services. The non-provision of optional information shall not hinder the use of the service. (However, some of the services requiring real name authentication might be restricted to use if the member rejects it.)

A. Collected items of personal information


회원구분, 실명인증정보, 가입정보, 실명인증정보, 가입정보

Membership category Required
Real name authentication
Membership Registration
Real name authentication
Membership Registration
General member (Korean nationals 19 and older) Mobile phone number authentication ID, password, e-mail address, mobile phone number, address, date of birth, gender - Receipt of e-mail, contact number (home), weight
Minor member (Korean nationals ages 15-18) Member's I-PIN (personal identification number) - Minor: ID, password, e-mail address, mobile phone number, address, date of birth, gender
- Parent or guardian: Mobile phone number, date of birth, gender
- Receipt of e-mail, contact number (home), weight
Foreigner (Anyone older than 15 years of age) - ID, password, e-mail address, date of birth, gender - Receipt of e-mail

<Information automatically collected by the computer>

○ The computer will automatically collect and store the following information via log-in records when using the website:
- Access log, cookies, Access IP information, membership registration route

B. Collection method of personal information

○ Collection via website membership registration

2. Collection, purpose of use, retention and user period of personal information

The Seoul Metropolitan Government website will retain and use the minimal amount of personal information required for members to use the website services from the initial date of membership throughout the service period. Members' agreement to the collection, use, and provision of personal information may be withdrawn at any time. Collected personal information shall be discarded promptly when a request for membership cancellation, the completion of the intended use or purpose for which the information was collected, the discontinuation of the related business, or any other reason.


수집하는 개인정보의 항목, 개인정보의 수집.이용 목적, 개인정보의 보유 및 이용기간

Items of collected personal information Purpose of collection and use Period of retention for user
Period of retention for user - To identify/authenticate member when using the website
- To confirm the consent of a parent or guardian when collecting personal information of a minor under the age of 19
I-PIN will not be saved, and is used for real name authentication purposes only.
ID, password, e-mail address, mobile phone number, address, date of birth, gender To be jointly used by the Seoul Metropolitan Government family sites for the purpose of website service use and membership management, prevention of illegal use by members, prevention of unauthorized use, filing and resolution of complaints, delivery of notices, uploading posts, data download, notice of facility booking and application results of lectures, electronic civil complaints, notification of prize winners and delivery of gifts, confirmation of members' intention of use, acquisition of effective communication routes, delivery of periodicals, borrowing of books, notification for the use of public events and services, and surveys, and so forth Up until the cancellation of the membership (re-confirmation of agreement is required biannually)
Receipt of e-mail To provide web services customized to user preferences (Optional. Even if not provided, it will not hinder the use of the services.)

The owner of the information may refuse the collection and use of the personal information, which will halt the membership registration process and prevent access to services provided by the Seoul Bike website.