1)Voucher purchase

  • STEP.01Select “Voucher
    Purchase” button
  • STEP.02Select a voucher
    (for one hour or two hours)
    and make a payment
  • STEP.03Check the rental number
    (eight-digit number consisting of 1 to 6)

When making a small payment by mobile phone, the rental number will be sent to you via text message. When making a payment with credit card, you will need to register your mobile phone number if you wish to receive text messages.

2)Select a bike and enter the rental number.

  • STEP.01Please press the terminal button.
  • STEP.02Select the rental number input button.
  • STEP.03Enter the first four digits of the eight-digit rental number.
  • STEP.04Enter the last four digits of the eight-digit rental number.

3)Rent – Disconnect the terminal lock.

  • Please pull the lock bundle on the right side ofthe terminal in the direction of the arrow within 10 seconds.

4)Return – Bikes can be returned to any Ttareungyi rental place.

  • STEP.01Go to the shipping department to return.
  • STEP.02Attach the lock to the terminal.

Useful tips

  • If you register your mobile phone number when paying by credit card, the rental number and user information will be sent to you via text message.
  • When the bike is automatically returned due to the 10-second time restriction after the rental number is entered, please press the terminal button and reenter the rental number to rent the bike.
  • When leaving the bike somewhere momentarily after renting, please lock it to prevent theft. (    )
  • If there are no empty rack slots, please return the bike by connecting it to others already in a slot. (    )
  • After returning, please ensure the message “Return is completed” appears on the screen. If no such message appears, please call the Operations Center (1599-0120).