Note - Please read before purchasing!!!

  • Be sure to check the brakes, chains, tires, and that the saddle is tightly secure before renting. When using, be sure to comply with traffic laws and wear a safety helmet.
  • The rental number can be checked again( Shortcuts )via “Check Rental Number”.
  • Only one voucher can be purchased per person.
  • If the voucher is not used, payment will be automatically canceled after 24 hours.
    ※If payment is not automatically canceled and 24 hours have passed, the voucher will be refunded into your bank account. (The Operations Center (1599-0120) will contact you directly.)
  • After the standard one hour has passed (two hours for the two-hour plan), a surcharge of KRW 200 per 5 minutes will apply.
    ※No surcharge applies if the bike is returned within one hour (or two for the two-hour plan) and re-rented. (Any surcharges will be automatically billed to the payment method used for the voucher.)
  • Bikes cannot be re-rented if any surcharges are outstanding. Please pay them in full before attempting to re-rent.
    Unpaid charges can be viewed on the “View Unpaid Charges” page.( Shortcuts )